High deposition rate additive manufacturing machines using WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) technology.

Our target market

Our target market is that of high value added components and medium to large components, in a variety of industrial sectors such as aeronautics, aerospace, energy and shipbuilding, among others. We work with materials like steel, titanium alloys, superalloys and aluminium alloys. Our machines are fitted with a closed loop control system and an inert chamber with a special loading and unloading system. All of this ensures the top quality of the piece during the manufacturing process.

Our challenges

To offer an additive manufacturing system of metal preforms complying with the required mechanic standards in a dependable and repetitive way.

To provide a competitive manufacturing alternative for consumers and manufacturers of medium to large size high added value pieces.

To this end, ADDILAN focuses its efforts on process development, machine design and mechanical characterisation.


Technological collaboration agreements with universities, technology centres and end users. As a result, we are in a position to offer an innovative solution using additive manufacturing to such demanding sectors as aeronautics, aerospace, energy and shipbuilding.